Treat Employees like they make a difference and they will!!!

Posted 14th Feb, 2018

Let’s give a nod to Valentine’s Day and show some LOVE to your employees.

As a business owner, your Job Is to Make Your Team, Love Their Jobs!!

Sometimes amongst the daily grind of business emails, meetings and spreadsheets, business owners sometimes forget who makes the cogs go round and drive the business forward. Revenue generating employees are often at the forefront of our recognition for obvious reasons, but all staff should be recognised no matter what their role, as this is the scaffold of your business.


You need to start to Reward & Recognise your team!


For a lot of companies this means catered lunch or biscuits in the office, but that’s superficial and doesn’t really get at the core of what makes great people love the work that they do.

In our opinion they need to feel recognised every day of the year this, in turn, will make your team feel valued and loved. While good employees leaving is inevitable, not every single employee departure that happens is unavoidable.

In a large corporate company losing a member of the team doesn’t usually make a dent in productivity, however, when an employee leaves a 4-person company, that’s a quarter of the workforce gone in an instant. If a large company lost 25% of their employees in a single day, it’d make the front page of the Financial Times. So no matter how small your business, it pays to treat Employees like they make a difference and they will.

So many companies don’t do enough to make their teams love their jobs. Ultimately, what it means will depend on your personal team, but I’ve found one great way to find out: ask, listen and act on what you hear.


Take the time, to talk to your employees about their lives outside of work, understand what drives them and what makes them happy. Ask them what they hope to accomplish, not just in the next week, but in the next year in their careers. Alternatively, ask about their worries and stresses, Listen carefully to what they say and think about how you can help them. And then act.


  • Ask them thoughtful questions
  • Listen to what they have to say
  • Act and help them achieve their goals

Are you treating your employees like they make a difference? If you’d like to discuss ways you can reward your employees with 100’s of perks and discounts that will suit everyone in your team, we invite you to come and speak to us. Call today: 01604 647770 or email

From discounts on coffee, cinema tickets, food and drink and travel and holiday perks, there is something for everyone to enjoy  –  and in the longer run, you as an employer will experience the benefits too.