At Perks of My Job our aim is to allow business owners and HR managers an alternative way of rewarding staff and recognising their hard work, that is different, financially affordable and more meaningful than an annual bonus or pay rise.

Small businesses sometimes aren’t able to offer the same benefits packages as larger organisations, but now you have the opportunity to provide a solution that allows employees to be rewarded at a time that suits them.

Being able to reward your staff every day of the year, at a time they choose and on items relevant to each of them, can lead to increased staff retention, performance levels and overall staff morale.

For only £1 p/m per employee why not!

Why Us?

To us, that’s an easy answer…

This is all we do

We know reward schemes inside and out. Our team work tirelessly to keep growing our offer database by adding new offers with the aim to be the best employee benefits scheme employers can find.

Our Fees

Compared to other employee benefit schemes our fees are simple, clear and better value, you can’t beat £1 a month per employee


We have the proven expertise in the reward schemes industry and won awards for our reward schemes

We’re Very Nice

We’ve built relationships and trust with some of the biggest high street brands in the UK

Latest Offers

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