Christmas initiatives to engage your employees

Posted 28th Nov, 2017

As the end of another year approaches and with Christmas on the horizon, employee motivation, input, and overall engagement levels can sometimes begin to slip as your business prepares to eventually wind down.


This can have major effects on you and your business during the busy period, as the last few weeks leading up to Christmas can be extremely valuable to an organisation. If approached correctly, it can have a vital impact on your company’s success in the future months by providing a head start towards the new year.


So what can you do to help motivate your employees in this ‘between Bonfire Night and Christmas’ period? We’ve got some suggestions…


A simple ‘thank you’


The smallest of things can make a big difference in the workplace, as we have commented on before.


During the ‘between Bonfire night and Christmas’ period, employee engagement goes down. People are tired, worn down by the cold weather and darker nights and they are ready for a break. So right about now, engaging with your staff is more important than ever.


That’s why the simplest of things like saying thank you to an employee for their consistent hard work and effort for the business can go a long way.


It shows you’ve taken the time to personally thank them and will benefit you and your employee long-term.


Be flexible


As Christmas is approaching, some employees may face additional external responsibilities, those with young families in particular who have Christmas plays and nativities to attend. Employers who support staff by being flexible will benefit from appreciative employees.


Deal with ‘itchy feet’


For some employees, a change in career, or a need to progress in their current career is high on their agenda’s when it’s heading towards the end of the year.


However, if an employee feels valued by you and the company, they will least likely go looking for new work. In order to maintain good staff, open up the conversation of what new opportunities and objectives for progression. By having clear goals set for the new year, will help employees feel motivated and integrated.


Consider the year ahead


Get your employees excited over the prospect of what next year will look like for you, for them and for the business.


The end of the year is a crucial time for businesses to put their plans into action for the new year. So getting your engagement strategy planned early will guarantee a successful 2018.


Christmas celebrations


We spend the majority of our time at work. So why not spread some Christmas cheer in the office? As an employer, bring the joy of Christmas into the workplace.


Get your staff to decorate the office with Christmas decorations as a team bonding exercise, or organise a secret santa where your employees can have fun in finding a quirky present under a certain amount.


Whilst it’s important to focus on work and productivity, don’t let the importance of celebrating be overlooked.


Rewards for all


What a better time to help your staff save money than Christmas? Rewarding your employees with perks and discounts during the Christmas period can seriously take away any stress or anxiety your employee has over trying to save enough money for Christmas.


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