Give More, Get More with Perks of my Job

Posted 14th Mar, 2017

Give more, get more with Perks of my job!

We all love being rewarded for our hard work, or recognised when we’ve accomplished something extraordinary. But sometimes when it comes to rewarding your employees, a pay rise might be something you can’t afford right now, plus it might not be the best way in showing your employees that you appreciate their work. If only there was a way you could reward your employees but in a cost effective solution. Well, say hello to Perks of my job where you can do just that, all for just £1… yes, you read correctly, £1!

For £1 per employee, per month plus VAT, you can reward your employees with 100’s of exciting offers all year round that will make you and your team smile like cheshire cats. You can enjoy perks such as discounted day trips to Madame Tussauds or The Sea Life Centre to take the whole team. A family of four to visit Shrek’s Adventure would usually cost £99, whereas with Perks of my job you could be saving yourself £39.60! Other perks can be as simple as saving money on your next cup of coffee at Starbucks. With a quick and easy signup process, it’s never been easier to find perks that will suit everyone in your company.

So what are the benefits of signing up to Perks of my job for your employees? Perks of my job have 100’s of offers that will feel almost as good as a pay rise, if not better and they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Each perk can be personal to each employee, or it can be something that everyone can enjoy. Everyone loves a perk!

But what about employers? Surely there are benefits for employers too? Of course! By rewarding your employees, you’re guaranteed to have happier staff who will want to work hard; therefore your staff retention will improve meaning you will have a much stronger business. Happier staff means there will be less sickness, greater staff retention, improved performance from your team and a stronger company overall.

Here’s what one employer had to say about Perks of my job:

“Last year we signed up to Perks of my job as a company after being made aware of the numerous offers it holds. Every year we have a company team building day and we used Perks of my job to book a trip to Alton Towers for our 20 staff members. We were able to find a deal which enabled us to save just over £432. Some of the team use Perks of my job a lot more regularly than others, personally I utilise the cinema offer which can save up to 40% on tickets. I have no hesitation in recommending Perks of my job.” – Matt Hogg, Partner @ Wallace Hind Associates.

So if you want a mutually beneficial scheme that can reward both employees and employers; Perks of my job is for you!

Interested? If you want a new way to reward your employees and want to see the benefits it does for your business, visit where you can sign up today! Everybody wins!