How to beat the January blues at work.

Posted 4th Jan, 2018

Christmas is over and we’re all back to work.


The first day back at work can be a tough one. You’ve had a week long break, you’re stuffed with cheese, pigs in blankets and alcohol, so that 6am alarm can be one of the hardest things to wake up to after a week of chilling and sleeping in.


January is a month of new beginnings, but it can also be a time of tight waist belts, low bank accounts, winter viruses and colds, failed detox regimes and back to work blues. According to psychologists, January 24th is the most depressing day of the year.


Let’s put a stop to this. We’ve got just the thing to make sure you’re not feeling blue this January.


Mood foods


First of all. Don’t skip breakfast. You might think that skipping meals to prevent more post-christmas weight gain is a good idea, but it can actually cause low mood.


According to research, omega-3 fatty acids block chemicals called cytokines that cause low mood. Oily fish such as salmon, sardines, mackerel and tuna, flaxseed oil, nuts and seeds are all good foods to keep happy.


As much as we want to save the pennies after Christmas, you can do that with our discounts to plenty of UK restaurants, with many of them providing more than just burgers, fries and pizza! You can still eat healthy during January, whilst saving money = winner!


Healthy mind, healthy body


Is one of your new year’s resolutions to get fit and healthy? Exercise is more than just shaping up after all those pigs in blankets and yorkshire puddings, but exercise has many mental health benefits too.


It’s suggested that thirty minutes of exercise a day can be an effective treatment for mild to moderate depression and can help tackle the January bulge too.


If you’re worried about spending a ridiculous amount of money on a new gym membership, we offer discounts on UK Gyms such as Virgin Active, DW Fitness Clubs, Nuffield Health and much more.


Social butterfly


Once January hits, we’re all too tired to think about going out after work to socialise, especially after a busy Christmas period of catching up with family and friends. This is the perfect time to organise social events, to join a club or to volunteer in order to socialise with people.


We could have something for you: organise a day trip to a theme park, a coffee date at your favourite coffee shop, or a day out to London to visit the best attractions. Again, it doesn’t have to be an expense when you sign up to Perks of my job to get your hands on exclusive discounts!


Spring clean


Cleanliness produces happiness. Whether you’re looking to spring clean your home, or you’re looking to spring clean the office as a team bonding activity, it can feel great to get rid of unwanted items from 2017 and have a fresh start for 2018.


DIY could be on your agenda too. Want to re-decorate your home, or give your office a fresh new look? We have a range of Home & Garden perks available from places like B&Q, Garden Trading, or take advantage of cleaning out and use our perk for the Big Yellow Self Storage Company.


Looking forward to the future


January might feel like it’s going to be a long month once you return to work, but it can be a very exciting time for your business.


It’s a time to assess new year resolutions, new goals for your business, a time for growth and a time to think about what you’ve got to look forward to as a company in the future.


If you need a new way to motivate your employees and to get them out of the January blues, Perks of my job could be the solution you are looking for.


Start 2018 with a new initiative to motivate your employees today. We encourage you to give us a call today, or to make an appointment and visit us in our Northampton office.


On behalf of everyone here at Perks of my job, we wish you a very happy and successful new year!