Small things make a big difference

Posted 31st Oct, 2017

Have you heard the saying: it’s the little things that count? We all have and it’s true! No matter what big events, gestures or milestones that happen in our lives, the small details will be something we will look back on and remember the most.


And that should be the same within the workplace. What about today? Tomorrow? It’s easy to get stuck in the same work routine Monday to Friday. So just how much of a difference can one small thing mean to your team?


We’ve come up with some facts and figures of what exactly it is that makes a workplace great, what makes employees stay in a business longer and the little things that can make a big difference amongst the weekly graft.


Did you know… the majority of the happiest workers said the extras and perks offered by their company were a big part in what encouraged them to apply for the role in the first place. And if those extras and perks are promised and kept, then that’s what makes them stay.


So what else can employees do for their workforce to increase workplace satisfaction?


Money CAN buy happiness


While it’s not for everyone, money does go a long way for some employees.


The majority of people find that receiving financial perks make them the happiest. According to statistics, men are more motivated by money, with 67% willing to give up perks for a bigger paycheque, compared to women at only 57%.


Financial extras is a huge factor of motivation within the workplace. One in four workers receive an annual, quarterly, or monthly bonus and 45% prefer regular, extra income which would make them happier.


Time and flexibility


Nearly a third of employees say that time is precious to them and that they would prefer having time on their side.


It’s no question that a bit of extra flexibility can make a big difference in the workplace.


When it comes to the little things, nearly half of workers say that a bit of extra time with a paid day off on their birthday would make them happy. Whilst 28% of workers say flexitime is their most desired perk for a normal working day. Something which the unhappiest of workers say is something they desire the most.



Free food


It really is the small things that make a big difference.


When it comes to your average working day, most people would be happy with a few complimentary biscuits  –  38% of people say free food is their most desired everyday perk. One in four say they would be content with a free cup of tea or coffee.


Or perhaps you’re one of those companies who have weekly breakfasts? The little things like this can make a big difference in employees overall job satisfaction, as it’s something that they will appreciate and look forward to every week.


Perks and rewards


Something we know lots about!


By offering extras on top of your employee’s salary and wages, will keep your employees engaged, motivated and will keep them with your business for much longer.


Offering your employees a reward scheme such as Perks of my job will set you apart from your competitors and will show you truly care about your business. To ensure your business runs it’s best, you have to take care of the people within your business.


That’s why Perks of my job is the reward scheme that keeps on giving.


Let us know what small things make a big difference in your workplace. And could the easy, simple and small thing of signing up to benefit your business?


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