Why you should Reward your staff

Posted 7th Apr, 2017

If you work hard at something, do you expect get something in return? No, not always, BUT surely it would be nice to be rewarded once in awhile!? Because, who doesn’t love a reward for working hard!? If you’re saying no, then you’re lying because everyone loves a perk!

At Perks of My Job, we LOVE seeing generous employers giving their employees a perk they deserve, because it shows just how appreciative that employer is to their staff. We also LOVE to offer all types of companies fantastic perks that will put a smile back on their faces.

Because offering perks is literally all we do and are passionate about… we like to think we are experts when it comes to knowing what Perks of My Job can do for you, your staff and the benefits it can provide for your business. Here’s just a few proven statistics we’ve discovered from current businesses who use Perks of My Job:

Staff Retention Improves

Think about it… if your staff are exceeding your expectations, are consistently impressing you and you’re rewarding them with a perk they can’t refuse, then that’s surely more than enough reason for your staff to stick with you for longer? Your staff want to know that their work is being appreciated and that you appreciate them as equals. By giving them an unlimited supply of perks from Perks of My Job, you’re giving them that extra reason to stay with you as an employee.

Less Sickness

Everyone gets sick, which can’t be helped… but dedicated staff are those who come into work even when they’re feeling sick. However, if a staff member is constantly taking sick days off, it’s likely that staff member doesn’t want to be in work, which brings you to questioning why? If staff know they’re being recognised for their hard work, they will want to do a good job for you too, which means your business will benefit much more if all your staff are in and working. However, we don’t recommend staff going into work if they’re throwing up or have something contagious!

Improved Performance

People are very similar to dog’s in this respect: if you tell a dog to sit and it does so, you’ll reward it with a treat, so the next time you ask it to sit again, it’ll most likely do so quicker and better. Same with people. If you ask your employee to do something and they do so, if you reward that employee, the chances are that employee will want to do a better job because they’ve been acknowledged as a hard worker.

Improved Teamwork

Believe it or not, we’ve seen teams become a much tighter team because of Perks of My Job. We can offer perks for individuals, but we can offer perks that are perfect to use for your whole team! If you’re working hard as a team to reach a specific target or goal, a perk can be a fantastic way to reward your staff for their joint efforts. With perks like day trips out to theme parks, London attractions and more, it’s a perfect excuse to get the whole team out to spend some quality bonding time with each other. Then after all the fun, it’ll be time to get back to work where you can achieve even more greatness!

Happier Staff

If you’re looking after your staff from the inside, your business will benefit from the outside. To put it simply: Happier Staff = Better Business!

Could your business do with having all the above? Rewarding your staff doesn’t have to be a huge expense! With Perks of My Job, you can give your staff an unlimited amount of perks from us for only £1p/m!

If that’s put a smile on your face, then sign up today! For more information call 0800 980 0886.